I’m nearly 33 and there’s a few things in my life which I’d like to think would have been sorted by now, such as having a professional career (or even a full-time job) and living in my own house rather than still in the nest, and speaking of nests, a younger me thought I’d have kids in my early to mid twenties – how wrong was she! So as time presses on I’m becoming increasingly ‘nervy’ about ever finding that job, which will, in turn, give me the freedom to move out and begin life as a proper adult. As a sufferer of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (at it’s worst Panic Disorder) and Clinical Depression I decided the career I had originally planned on and worked towards (a lecturer in history) would not be good for my mental health. However, since getting my PhD three years ago I’ve found it hard to negotiate a career in the heritage sector, getting only voluntary positions or temporary part-time jobs at best. Recently I’ve been lucky enough to get some editing and proofreading work which I’m really enjoying and this has also made me more aware of blogging. Tackling anxiety and finding work are both problems faced by increasing numbers of people today so I thought blogging about how to find work as an anxiety sufferer might be helpful to any readers.


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